Data-driven Business Decisions: Leveraging Cloud BI and Mobile Dashboards


Faced with the challenge of making sense of the voluminous amount of data and to speed up decision-making, investments in analytics continue to be the top priority for CIOs worldwide. This also reflects the magnitude and impact of data-related problems to be solved in enterprises.

Enterprises are investing in the development of technologies, systems, practices, and applications to analyze critical business data so as to gain new insights about business and markets. These new insights can be used for improving products and services, achieving better operational efficiency, and fostering customer relationships.

Our Capabilities

Analytics, Business Intelligence, BI

Bring Your Data to Life

WinWire focuses on developing cutting edge BI solutions with special emphasis on UI/UX and Visualization. Our Analytics and Information Management (AIM) services include – Strategy, Design, Architecture, Implementation and Support & Maintenance. WinWire works on a wide range of technology stack including but not limited to – Tableau, QlikView, MSBI, PowerBI, PerformancePoint etc.


WinWire Analytics Offerings

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Management

Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics offerings include:
• Campaign Management: Provide end-to-end, robust Campaign Management framework.
• Profitability Analytics: A powerful insight into revenues, business costs, margins, and operations.
• Customer Segmentation: A holistic understanding of the traits that define the different types of customers within the customer base.
• Supply Chain-Order Visibility: A perceptibility of key supply chain parameters like order status, cost, shipment, and inventory.
• Demand Supply Analysis: Deeper analysis to predict demand and guide decision-making.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence offerings include:

• Visualization/Dashboards: Bringing dashboards to life with visualization.
• Enterprise Reporting: Give a ‘crystal ball’ view of the organization’s direction by providing a report on data throughout the enterprise.
• Self Service BI: Equip business users with simple and easy access to their own customized information.
• Data Discovery: Empower users with easy, self-service access to data discovery.
• Business Analysis: Provide deep analysis of historical data from multiple sources.

Information Management

Our Information Management offerings include:

• Data Integration: Deliver an innovative approach for data integrations by bringing together diverse data.
• Data Repositories: Boost productivity and cut costs with a single solution for data quality & integration.
• Master Data Management: Identify the most critical information within an organization — and create a single source to power business processes.
• Metadata Services: Capture, manage and publish metadata across the enterprise to support master data.
• Big Data: Visualize and analyze big data and integrate the results with traditional information.