Social Business in the Cloud: Leverage Your SharePoint in the Mobile-Cloud World

Collaboration, SharePoint

Enabling solutions that drive efficient collaboration and business process improvement is a ubiquitous business objective in today’s competitive marketplace. Microsoft SharePoint is an effective tool that seamlessly integrates your workplace. As a leading platform for Line-of-Business (LOB) solutions, SharePoint meets multiple business requirements within an enterprise.

WinWire Collaboration helps enterprises with a clearly articulated collaboration vision, strategy, and roadmap. Our Collaboration experts apply global experience, the latest Microsoft product insights, and proven methodologies to develop a comprehensive and strategic roadmap that helps enterprises align their collaboration investments with business needs. We have the people, proven assets and experience with heterogeneous platforms and applications to address your full range of information management needs, delivering projects on time, on budget and with lower risk.

Our Capabilities

WinWire Collaboration Capabilities

WinWire combines global delivery best practices and expertise on the Microsoft platform to make collaboration technology implementations highly actionable and predictable so enterprises can effectively control costs and outcomes. Our strategic guidance helps enterprises implement collaboration technologies that enable efficient and valuable connections among people and information to improve productivity across the enterprise.


WinWire Collaboration Offerings

  • SharePoint Upgrade & Migration
  • SharePoint on Azure
  • Yammer

SharePoint Upgrade & Migration

WinWire provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for upgrading your existing SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 onto the latest, feature-rich releases of Microsoft SharePoint 2016. Our innovative and reliable upgrade mechanism is unique in its ability to granular upgrade your SharePoint while retaining all associated metadata. We enable SharePoint administrators to easily automate the process of consolidating multiple content sources onto the platform while maximizing return on investment for content residing in legacy repositories. WinWire’s expertise and methodology help you avoid common pitfalls and challenges typically associated with upgrades and migration, including disintegration of data and content. We tailor smooth upgrade and migration from SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 to SharePoint 2016 with the appropriate planning and strategies to reduce the impact on your current systems and end-user productivity.

SharePoint on Azure

WinWire guides you through various deployment models available such as Resource manager and classic based on the type of the SharePoint Farm you want to setup in Azure by saving you lot of time. You can now easily deploy your SharePoint farms in Azure, which will help you scale rapidly based on demand and save on infrastructure costs. This is also designed to help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance, delivering features and capabilities that simplify administration, protect communications and information. Whether it’s for development, testing, staging, production or disaster recovery purposes, Azure is a perfect place for your SharePoint workloads. Moving SharePoint from on-premises to Azure ensures that your solution is on the same cloud that runs Office 365 helping you to easily integrate while all the customizations exist as it is.


We are in the era of social collaboration. What started as a knowledge management activity, has moved from being collaboration platform to enterprise social networks. Enterprises are looking at enterprise social network deployment with various goals in mind, namely – sharing of best practices, improved employee collaboration, cross-department collaboration, strategic transformation support, improved employee retention, or even as a virtual watercooler. Integration is a necessary step before social technologies can have a broad-based business impact. In fact, most of the enterprises got into enterprise social the old fashioned way, i.e., by using SharePoint. A little clumsy, but definitely an easy path to take. However, the impact is moderate. Just the time to look for “Another Way In”, which is Yammer for your social collaboration needs.