Hiring Philosophy


Finding The Best People

Diversity in background, experiences, and perspectives is a valued asset. We look for people with outstanding academic and non-academic achievements who are bright, well-rounded and interested in what we do. WinWire values a diverse workforce and seeks applications from all qualified applicants. We adhere to a policy that prohibits discriminatory practices based on sex, race, or any other personal characteristics.



The Best Qualified Applicant 

The ultimate goal of every search is to hire the most highly qualified candidate. We look for candidates with academic excellence, proven commitment and self-motivation. We want our team members to be well-rounded individuals with a desire to contribute to the industry, explore personal interests and excel in those areas of interest. Our team diversity has a significantly positive impact on the atmosphere of WinWire.



Selection Process

We take great care in our selection process and always hire with an emphasis on developing a long-term relationship between people and the organization. We adhere to well-developed screening criteria, concentrate on applicants’ strengths, look for technical skills, consider diverse viewpoints, and make sure that we have the best information available from which to make a fair and unbiased decision.



Work Environment

Our focus is on helping people acquire the skills and experience needed to become successful with us. We encourage our people to become involved in the community, pursuing their own interests and passions. We believe these activities not only guard against ‘burnout,’ but ensure that our people develop the communication skills and business acumen necessary to building valuable client relationships.