Human Resources

HR Onboarding and Off-boarding Solution: Streamline Your HR Processes


Organizations have manual off-boarding process


New employees are likely to stay longer than 3 years


Increase in performance with effective & structured onboarding

As your workforce grows, handling their onboarding process becomes more complex and takes more time and cost to manage. Similarly, as employees leave the organization, an inefficient off-boarding process results in organizations losing a significant amount of time, cost, company assets, employee satisfaction, and reputation. However, the process at the time of onboarding and off-boarding the employees is still a predominantly manual across the organizations. This manual process of onboarding/offboarding is very tedious, time-consuming, frustrating and extremely error-prone because it is paper-based and requires the significant interaction by the HR department with various other departments at different stages of the process.

WinWire’s Human Resource System (WinHRS) is a SharePoint 2013 based robust solution, focusing on core HR processes involved in employee onboarding and off-boarding. The solution provides common business processes that companies need for managing their HRS, which can streamline the decision of a growing business. WinHRS automates HR the onboarding and the offboarding process by making it completely electronic and integrating it with all other existing systems to have a completely automated business process. The solution integrates various software, relevant forms and data, and IT systems involved in the employee onboarding/offboarding life-cycle process to simplify administration for both HR and hiring managers.

Streamline Your HR Processes


SharePoint based solution for critical HR process



Integrates with multiple existing systems