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Enterprise Mobility

Mobility in the enterprise is changing rapidly — increasing numbers of mobile workers, new devices, and apps in the cloud, thereby increasing the pressure to improve employee productivity. Enterprise mobility is the trend toward a shift in work habits, using wireless devices to accomplish the tasks on hand. With more and more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks, the importance of apps for enterprise mobility has become extremely important.

Enterprise mobility can improve employee productivity, but it also presents significant challenges and mandates a careful consideration of all processes and technologies under consideration. The heavy integration of mobile technologies in business spheres is driving enterprises to think differently when it comes to developing mobile technology roadmaps. However, the fact remains that a successful enterprise mobility implementation is challenging. Some of the factors which are contributing to these challenges are -

  • Platform Fragmentation
  • Device Fragmentation
  • OS Fragmentation
  • Backlog of new Mobile apps or enhancements
  • Availability of mobile enabled data
  • Budget Constraints
  • Security, Performance and Usability

Our Capabilities

WinWire Mobility

For enterprises looking for a comprehensive solution to enable wide-scale,  mission-critical enterprise mobility, WinWire offers a limitless potential to transform business, deliver faster response time, provide better customer service, improve productivity & increase sales. WinWire’s Enterprise Mobility Solution is a holistic approach for enabling secure use of smartphones & tablets, which combines mobile advisory services, apps development & management.


WinWire Mobility Offerings

  • Advisory Services
  • App Development
  • App Maintenance

Advisory Services

WinWire Mobile Advisory Services offer to unlock the value mobility can bring to your enterprise. Through our value-driven approaches and strategies, we help enterprises transform their business functions and processes by employing mobility. Our ideation and innovation workshops provide assessments and recommendations for a high-performance execution of the mobile strategy. Our approaches help our clients tailor mobility-focused transformational programs across the enterprise. Our proven methodologies cover all aspects of defining and executing a comprehensive mobile strategy, including evaluating and establishing enterprise architectures, app strategies, security, and infrastructure strategy and planning. Drawing upon our deep knowledge of enterprise mobility, we work with our customers to develop strategies and solutions to drive enterprise and customer value.

App Development

WinWire Mobile App Development services consist of the entire life cycle of services comprising of design and development, testing, deployment, ongoing support and maintenance for mobile apps. Our mobility development capability spans across native platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows 8), mobile web (HTML5) as well as various technology platforms like Appcelerator and Xamarin amongst others. WinWire has been using the agile methodology which has matured over a period of time with the combination of best practices from SCRUM, Iterative, and XP. This approach minimizes the risk with a deadline, which is close to acceptance to the business needs. We specialize in designing applications with the focus on user experience, scale, flexibility, and maintainability. We work collaboratively, and iteratively, with the customer team to design the overall look, feel and user interaction strategy for the mobile solution.

App Maintenance

With continuous device feature upgrades, evolving technology, and changing user preferences, mobile apps need to advance as well. WinWire Mobile App Maintenance is a comprehensive solution for the management and enhancement of existing mobile apps that includes services, ranging from minor enhancements to complete app maintenance, which significantly reduces the maintenance costs for an enterprise. We maintain mobile apps’ usefulness to end customers through maintenance, OS upgrades, support, and the right quality assurance processes. WinWire develops a customized app maintenance plan with necessary reviews, changes and republishing of your project as needed to stay compatible with the changing landscape of OS versions. We also cater to the apps that require regular maintenance of databases, feeds, links and other content which may be only partially dynamic or externally modifiable.