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Mobile Cloud and SharePoint have become a lot more than just data storage spectacle; it has become an important productivity enabler. Nearly 80% of enterprises use Microsoft’s SharePoint to store, manage and act upon corporate information. Enterprises need critical business information on-the-go and are expecting mobile devices to be able to connect to their business data on SharePoint. They need to provide actionable information for their executives that can be accessed by retrieving relevant content and documents from any enterprise’s SharePoint based portals. Enterprises have to provide persistent access to their executives to organization’s SharePoint sites whether they’re in the office, their home office, or on-the-go.

infoBoard is a mobile application conceptualized to display personalized data from SharePoint portals. This mobile collaboration application allows seamless integration to your SharePoint data and also provides the ease of retrieving documents, blogs, alerts, notifications and charts on-the-go. infoBoard is especially meant for ‘on-the-move’ executives, who require universal access to enterprise information and their personalized data at their fingertips.

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