A complete ideation-implementation-value solution designed to maximize the impact and ROI

Innovation Portfolio management


of companies are unable to generate a reliable ROI from their innovation program


of new products launched fail to meet profit objectives – poor time-to-market cited as the cause 79% of the time


of companies using innovation management tools have no way of tracking an idea once it is selected


A Proven Scalable Solution to Drive Maximum ROI from your R&D


Winnovate is a complete, ideation-implementation-value solution that is designed specifically to maximize the impact and ROI from R&D programs and accelerate time-to-value.

Winnovate consolidates data from legacy transactional systems of records into a single collaborative system of engagement. It imports real-time data from virtually any data source to a customizable data warehouse utilizing pre-built data connectors.


Anytime, Anywhere Approach to Innovation


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Drive Operational and Execution Excellence


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Accurately quantify and maximize impact and ROI of R&D spend with unparalleled visibility into costs

Time to Market

Speed time to market by shortening the ideation-to-implementation-value time frame

Reduce OpEx Costs

Dramatically reduce OpEx costs of manually tracking and managing the R&D portfolio



Winnovate is the only cloud-first, mobile-first solution designed from the ground up to maximize value & ROI of R&D.

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A leading provider of photovoltaic solar energy firm reduces operational cost spend by using Winnovate

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