ZureApps: Pre-built Solution Accelerators


Enabling solutions that drive efficient collaboration and business process improvement is a ubiquitous business objective in today’s competitive marketplace. Microsoft SharePoint is an effective tool that seamlessly integrates your workplace. ZureApps are SharePoint based pre-packaged Solution Accelerators from WinWire that are efficiently customizable & extensible. These solutions, leverage the unification of Office 365 and Azure, can integrate SharePoint with existing line-of-business systems.


As a leading platform for Line of Business solutions, SharePoint meets multiple business requirements within an enterprise. WinWire, a Premier Managed Partner of Microsoft, has developed powerful and interactive enterprise solutions built on the SharePoint platform that integrate content, data and documents. WinWire’s SharePoint – based pre-built solution accelerators assist enterprises in driving efficient collaboration, business process improvement and strategic productivity.


Windows Azure and Office 365 provide a wealth of new cloud capabilities to enterprises. WinWire has brought the best of both worlds together in the form of ZureApps. ZureApps are SharePoint based pre-packaged solutions to simplify your cloud experience with the power of Office 365 & Windows Azure together. Apart from these ready-to-deploy solutions, WinWire also creates innovative application template for addressing specific business processes or sets of tasks for enterprises seeking a more customized deployment.