Are you confused — even intimidated — by multiple marketing projects, tools and processes? Good news: you’re not alone. Marketing is notoriously complicated if approached in a haphazard manner, but it’s a truth that marketing is more fun than ever.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

It’s a marketing automation application that creates and distributes marketing communications to convert prospects into business relationships in a frictionless way. Microsoft’s new platform is easy to use, functions as a closed loop marketing system and has built-in business intelligence.

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows marketers to automate the marketing process so that you can focus on the right audience with the right message at the right time. This purpose-built marketing application helps you track all your campaigns across several channels, collate and analyze the results.

Know Your Target Audience

This marketing automation platform is designed around the concept of “Customer Journey”. And, building a smooth customer experience begins with an arsenal of rich tools that align your sales and marketing data and processes to present you a unified view of the customer profile. Dynamics 365 Marketing does exactly this.

It empowers marketers to:

  • Build and target the right audience
  • Deliver consistent content across sales and marketing
  • Track and identify customer interactions with your site with its marketing landing page tool
  • Create segmented customer journeys with the data captured in customer interactions.
  • Accelerates sales cycle, increase deal wins and boost retention rates
  • Prove your marketing ROI with great ease

Dynamics 365 Marketing has a suite of dynamic content-generation tools that help you create tailored landing pages and email communications, highly specific to your target audience. You can also schedule the launch of an email or text based on specific user action.

Unlock the Power of Personalization

Dynamics 365 Marketing  is a good application to leverage a sophisticated level of personalization in SMS campaigns, event marketing and email campaign management.

Text Marketing

The SMS channel is often overlooked by marketing teams across most organizations but the fact that SMS has a remarkable   98% open rate    is enough a reason for this channel to be included in your marketing mix to effectively reach your audience.

SMS as another marketing channel can help you broaden your reach and add one more customer touch point. It can open up a two-way communication way with your target audience.

Dynamics 365 Marketing enjoys an impressive list of integrations that can enable you to send contextual SMS messages to Dynamics 365 marketing lists and engage with your audience in a more personalized way.

However, the important point to be kept in mind is to ensure that your organization is fully compliant with privacy guidelines established by the Mobile Marketing Association and that the users have opted-in to receive those SMS messages from your team.

One great way to build an opt-in list is to include SMS messaging permission into all of your landing page forms and incentivize such prospects with early access to new offerings, exclusive invites to attend your upcoming events, etc. However, avoid overwhelming your list by sending them text messages too often.

Event Marketing

Events are a great opportunity to interact with consumers and learn more about them. However, most organizations do event marketing in a disconnected way. However, marketing the event and event management are tedious and time consuming. Proving its ROI is a big challenge.

Dynamics 365 Marketing has a complete event management module that empowers you to easily configure the event in such a way that the platform generates registration portal and page. It can monitor registrations, clock in attendance and track registrations. It integrates well with SMS and marketing emails.

Send a personalized follow-up email or SMS to the event registrants for confirmation, depending on their preferences. Dynamics 365 Marketing  platform also contains a survey feature that you can send to the event attendees post event.

Monitor Insights to Adjust Your Campaigns

With petabytes of consumer data available, it’s critical to track campaigns since a minor tweak can significantly impact the success rate of that campaign. However, you need an easy way to analyze the data to configure your emails and tailor your customer journeys accordingly.

Dynamics 365 Marketing goes beyond traditional split testing and uses insights at scale across customer journey to add value in real time. Let’s take the example of an email campaign. You can think of testing different aspects of your email. However, you need to bear in mind that you do not need to get into the details of that element of the email that has no impact on the campaign success rate.

Headers, button placement, subject line text and colors are some of the important components of the email that have a direct impact on the email campaign performance. You must test all these elements.

Features and Value for Modern Marketers

Dynamics 365 Marketing  is device agnostic, and has a unified interface across mobile, tablet, and desktop. It has features that enable creative and data-driven aspects of a stellar marketing campaign.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Fig 1.   Dynamics 365 Marketing – Features

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Fig 2.   Dynamics 365 Marketing – Business Value/Key Benefits

Dynamics 365 marketing

Fig 3. Dynamics 365 Marketing connecting seamlessly with Sales and Service platform

WinWire’s Support to Enterprises in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

We, at WinWire, help you assess your business needs and then plug in Dynamics 365 Marketing solution to enable you to convert your prospects into long-term business relationships, improve marketing results and boost customer engagement.

If you’re still sitting on the fences and trying to get into the game, we can help you in configuring, adopting and integrating Dynamics 365 Marketing with your website and other systems. In addition, we can also help you in data migration or third-party data sources that you’d like to integrate with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

If you’ve been an early adopter and already begun to configure Dynamics 365 Marketing but struggling with some challenges, we can do all the heavy lifting for you and set it up correctly for you.

For those of our customers who want some assistance with customer journey mapping, we can help clients with designing, documentation and understanding how customer journeys can be realized in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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