The mobile apps industry is experiencing an all time boom and is growing exponentially. The number of smartphone users has been on a constant rise, which has resulted in the explosion of the apps industry. App developers and organizations have been innovating the process of app building to stay on par with the emerging trends, which has slowed down the process of churning out apps, and emphasized more on developing a quality user experience and improving the performance of their apps.


WinWire participatied at 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014, Bangalore, India, organized on the theme of “An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape” . The event is a congregation of the best of minds from the mobile app industry, along with the policy makers. The event is a platform that would discuss all the developments and trends in the app industry.



3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014 is an ideal place to meet, network and share knowledge with all the key decision makers working across the mobile application ecosystem ranging from enterprises, regulators, government agencies, telecom operators, service providers, Developers, system integrators, and vendors. The event will provide networking opportunities with the industry leaders, by acting as a platform to meet and do business with like-minded individuals.


Event Agenda:

• Mastering the increasing amount of different platforms and devices
• The challenge of developing apps for multiple platform launches
• Smartphones and tablets are changing the way businesses are operating and interacting more efficiently with customers
• Future of mobile innovation: 2014 and Beyond
• Mobile Cloud Technology
• Channels to market, app stores and opportunities for partnerships
• Mastering the increasing amount of different platforms and devices

These apart there are several other key topics that would be discussed at the conference, which would have eminent speakers from the industry opening up new avenues for networking and knowledge sharing.