WinWire Team will be at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit in San Francisco, September 19-20, 2018. The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition showcasing practical implications of AI, machine learning, deep learning, cognitive services, natural language processing and more for enterprise organizations.


The summit will provide an opportunity to engage with the industry’s leading solution providers, spearhead innovation in AI research and product development. Visit the   AI Summit website to know more about the agenda and other learning opportunities.



WinWire Technologies, a member of Microsoft’s AI inner circle program, is excited to be part of the AI summit, where we will be showcasing our expertise and customer stories on data and AI services focused on machine learning, predictive Analytics, chatbots, deep learning, intelligent automation, intelligent search, advanced analytics, big data and more.

Meanwhile, read our blog titled “How AI and Chatbots are transforming customer experience and improving business efficiency” to learn how chatbots powered by AI is transforming customer service.

Please email us at to set up a meeting and learn how we can help your organization to fast track your AI efforts. Looking forward to meeting you at the AI Summit.