WinWire is sponsoring 2015 CIO Leadership Forum in San Francisco on Thursday, October 15.


The Forum will bring together leading CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, VPs, IT/Technology/MIS and IT leaders from a variety of industries.


Challenges faced by CIOs and enterprise leaders:
Change is the only constant in the business world today and businesses must face the need to transform themselves into modern dynamic organizations. How to speed up time to market? How to react more rapidly to change? How to support a fluid and shifting landscape?


With consumerization and cloud computing, IT is no longer the sole body that determines the adoption and usage of technology. With business leaders and users demanding access to cloud services plus rank and file staff demanding mobile access to all corporate data. How can CIOs put in effective governance in a world of consumerization and paradigm shift?


Event Highlights

• Integration of Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data to form a Big Vision.
• Challenges associated with IT consumerization.
• Data Security in the era of cloud computing.
• Optimizing talent management to sustain the ultimate workforce.
• The Impact of social media on the IT department.
• The changing role of the CIO: What CIOs need to prepare for?


Note: Argyle meetings are by invitation only. If you did not receive an invitation but would like to inquire about attendance, please click here.


About the Event:

The Argyle CIO Leadership Forum is a platform where executives will discuss best practices and innovative technology strategies on several areas including cloud computing, challenges associated with IT consumerization, optimizing talent management, the impact of social media on the IT department, data security, and the changing role of the CIO.  To know more about the event, click here.