Mobility, cloud and big data are connecting people, machines and devices in unprecedented numbers, transforming technology from a business tool to the very medium in which business is conducted. As the flow of data increases exponentially, technical professionals must find new ways to capture, analyze, communicate and protect information for business advantage—all within a framework that supports new markets, new models and new customer behaviors.

WinWire participated at Gartner Catalyst Conference at San Diego, CA during 11 – 14 August 2014. The event helped us acquire strategic insight and actionable next steps needed to successfully scale and secure mobility, cloud and data for enterprises.



Gartner Catalyst Conference is the must–attend event of the year for technologists tasked with developing and executing on a strategy to leverage mobile, cloud, and big data to drive operational effectiveness and competitive advantage. Catalyst – as the name implies – is about driving meaningful change in the industry and your organization. The event act as a dynamic platform for industry leaders to share strategic and actionable advice and replicable best practices; while being an opportunity for peer–to–peer interaction, and high–profile analysts and guest speakers in an environment specifically designed for practical problem–solving and collaboration.