Are you an iOS user? Are you an iOS developer, or have you recently changed your application target Platform to 13.1? Is the latest update of iOS on your mobile reflecting dark mode apps? Do you like it? It has many benefits to end-user, increase usability with a reduced vision, saving power on OLED devices.

Apple brings something new with each version of iOS. One of the critical features/enhancements will be around the way apps are displayed to the user. The dark mode allows the user to increase app usage and save power. Recently, Apple has introduced Dark mode in iOS 13, which not only brought a cleaner look to the app shade but also introduced game-changing UI experience to end-users. This update has other features like volume control overlay, Emoji’s beautifications, tighter permissions, battery optimization, and much more.

iOS 13 Release

 The official iOS 13 release date was September 19, 2019. In no time, it evaluates to 13.2 to address its issue fixes. Below set of dates reflects Apple’s dedication towards the developer community.

Release VersionRelease Date
iOS 139/19/2019
iOS 13.19/25/2019
iOS 13.1.19/27/2019
iOS 13.1.29/30/2019
iOS 13.1.310/15/2019
iOS 13.210/28/2019

Below list of outstanding features gives you more reasons to update to iOS 13.

Dark Mode?

iOS’ dark mode, a theme based on blacks and dark colors, offers better UI experience to end-users on a mobile device, which is contradictory to light mode. In light mode, Bright white screens can cause a terrible eye strain. The background color of UI is pitch black with a true dark mode.

To enable dark theme, from control center click on brightness control.

iOS 13 Darkmode

Then tap on “Appearance” button.

iOS 13

Below are list of dark theme and light theme apps available on iOS 13 version.

Settings App:

iOS 13

Photos App:

ios 13

Volume Button and Appearance Changes

Earlier, Apple had a volume button on the right side of the device. Now the volume button moved to the left panel of the device.

There were complaints about volume control popping up in the center of the screen and blocking the view of essential apps/content. To address the same, now volume control will be on the left side of the screen and next to volume buttons, and more importantly, you can accurately adjust volume with fingers. The new intuitive view does not block the usage of the app.

iOS 13

Changes in Cursor Movement

Earlier, we had smooth cursor movements. With the new iOS13, the user can click anywhere on text and drag till the user wants to select, it’s quick, and Monkey typing is also enabled on keyboard.

iOS 13 features

Emoji Modifications

iOS brought new enhanced emoji. It does accuracy update from 13 to 13.1.

Below example are changes for Smiling and Jigsaw.

iOS 13

iOS 13

Location Permission

Now Location permission has the extra option of allowing once, which means location service will be running till the app got killed. Next time, when relaunched, permission will pop and will be visible to the user to provide the appropriate option.

iOS 13 location permission

  • This will stop background location services running when app is not in use and save battery usage.

Battery Optimization

Now Apple prevents mobile charging above 80%, this logic to work closely with Lithium-ion battery technology. For most people, 80% of battery enough for a day, so Apple took 80% of the battery charging option.

User need to enable to Optimized Battery charging from Settings -> Battery.

iOS 13 battery

Quick Silence On & OFF

We have new button on left panel to quick on and off silence. It is very useful when users in meetings. It will enable users to quickly enable silent mode.

iOS 13


With the introduction iOS 13, Apple focused on the trend of optimization that was introduced in iOS 12, making iOS 13 faster and more efficient than ever. Users will feel improved App update times, app launch times (200% quicker), Face ID recognition, and app download sizes reduced further.  Apple users now enjoy easy to use controls, sensitive color codes in dark theme, Battery optimizations, and safety features. Please update your OS version and feel the difference and let us know what you expect from new versions from iOS in 2020.

Sr. Technical Lead