The MobileIron Mobile IT platform secures and manages apps, docs, and devices for global organizations. It supports both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices, offering true multi-OS management across the leading mobile platforms. MobileIron is available as an on-site system through the MobileIron VSP (Virtual Smartphone Platform) and as a cloud service through the MobileIron Connected Cloud.


MobileIron provides solutions for the following:


Mobile Device Management


Mobile device management or enablement is the ability to provide device access to corporate network/data. MobileIron supports this via a MobileIron client app that can be installed from App Store or Google Play. After installing the MobileIron client, the end user can enter the corporate account username and password to access emails/Wi-Fi and corporate data. It connects to the server through MobileIron VSP, without requiring a full-blown VPN.


Mobile Application Management (MAM)


This area is of most importance to mobile app developers and distribution teams. MAM is the ability to provide in-house/third-party apps access to services that are behind a firewall or not directly exposed to the Internet. MobileIron uses AppConnect to provide secure access to these applications.


MobileIron AppConnect


MobileIron AppConnect packages apps for the protection of data-at-rest without touching personal data. Each app becomes a secure container with data that is encrypted, protected from unauthorized access, and removable. Because each user has multiple business apps, each app container is also connected to other secure app containers. This allows the sharing of policies, such as app single sign-on, and sharing of data, including documents. There are two ways to use AppConnect: during the development phase of the app and via a MobileIron wrapper that permits secure access to corporate data.


MobileIron App Storefront


App Storefront provides the tightest security and best end-user experience for the distribution and delivery of company-wide mobile applications. IT administrators can directly publish private apps to their end-users, accelerating the app discovery process so that the end user can easily find and download applications from his mobile device.


MobileIron AppTunnel


MobileIron does support third-party VPN, but AppTunnel is particularly useful in BYOD settings where organizations may not want to open up VPN access to all apps on the device, preferring to offer more granular access to specific applications and related data. Without a mandatory VPN connection, the native user experience for mobile access to applications and content is also preserved. An app that is protected by AppTunnel opens like any other app on the mobile device. The extensive security is invisible to the end user.




MobileIron Apps@Work is an app that can be installed on a client device. It provides an integrated solution to support native mobile apps securely on any mobile device. Apps@Work, which includes both AppConnect and AppTunnel, creates an enterprise app persona that includes all business apps and data on a mobile device and allows the user to access corporate content securely and natively. MobileIron Apps@Work enables both IT and end-users to realize the potential of mobile apps.


Other MobileIron Apps




MobileIron’s Docs@Work gives the end user an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email and SharePoint, allowing the administrator to establish data loss prevention controls that protect documents from unauthorized distribution.




MobileIron’s Web@Work enterprise mobile browser enables immediate, secure access to internal websites and web applications while preserving a native, high-fidelity web browsing experience.


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