First, there was SkyDrive


We all have had our initiation with SkyDrive. As we all know, SkyDrive is free online storage for public that can be accessed from anywhere. SkyDrive account, which was usually attached to our Hotmail, Live or account, was for everyone. SkyDrive is placed somewhere in the ‘cloud’, where we can stockpile our files for Microsoft to take care of for us. We can save our files to SkyDrive, and sync the files with devices with SkyDrive desktop app.




And then came SkyDrive with Office 2013, and that grouping allowed us to open and work on our Word, Excel, and other Office documents from our SkyDrive. It became so easy to share and work together on documents with friends.


And now, it’s SkyDrive Pro


SkyDrive Pro


SkyDrive Pro is different from SkyDrive, which is intended for personal storage separate from your workplace. SkyDrive Pro is cloud storage for business. It’s the place where employees can store, sync, and share their files across multiple devices with ease and security. As an integral part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013, SkyDrive Pro allows you to work within the context of your organization.


However, it is imperative to make it clear that SkyDrive Pro isn’t a specific Document Library or place as such. It’s the service that runs on our computer that allows synchronization. SkyDrive Pro delivers a frictionless user experiences that employees expect in a file sync solution, it’s backed by a platform that provides industrial-strength content management, compliance, and content management controls.


This synchronization service can be installed with Office 2013 or standalone from the Microsoft download site. Once installed it will allow you to Sync any Document Library from SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 to your Computer.


• Documents Accessibility: With SkyDrive Pro, collaboration with others in real time and edit documents from virtually anywhere via a web browser using Office Web Apps becomes reality.

• It allows you to access files from multiple devices (including Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android devices) with native SkyDrive Pro and Office Mobile apps.

• Multiple users (online or offline) can share, collaborate or work on documents at the same time, and the SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client will synchronize the changes between the users. If there are conflicts, users are prompted to resolve the conflicts.

• Users can work from many locations, either online or offline, and work from many devices.

• Sharing: All files being stored in SkyDrive Pro are private initially, unless you decide to share them. Files can be easily shared with everyone by placing it in the “Shared with Everyone” folder. Files can also be shared with specified co-workers, or even with partners outside of your organization. However, to be able to share files outside of organization, you need to be signed-in to Office 365, with authorization from your company to do so.

• Managing the Drive: Your SkyDrive Pro library is managed by your organization and Site collection administrators in your organization control what you can do in the library.

• Storage: Office 365 gives 25 GB of space in the cloud for SkyDrive Pro and related site content. However, for a SharePoint-hosted SkyDrive Pro library, it might vary basis your organization’s administrators decision.



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