Visual Studio can be used to build Windows Store apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, ASP.NET web apps, and XML web services. Developers can write code in Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual F#, and JavaScript, and create mixed-language solutions more easily. And also can simplify the development of web apps and XML web services by accessing key technologies in the .NET Framework.


So what’s new in Visual Studio 2015?


Amazing New Setup experience:

The Visual Studio 2015 setup experience has been componentized so that users only have to install the parts that they need. This makes installation faster for many common scenarios involving .NET or Web development.


Visual Studio


• Sign in across multiple accounts:
New streamlined sign-in experience with Visual Studio 2015, which is uniquely designed to greatly simplify your access to online resources, even when you have multiple Visual Studio accounts. Once you sign-in to Visual Studio, you are automatically signed into all instances of Visual Studio 2015 and Blend on your machine.

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• Provision to choose from your target platform:
Visual Studio 2015 supports cross-platform mobile device development. You can write apps and games that target iOS, Android, and Windows and share a common code base, all from within the Visual Studio IDE. Users can choose their target platform Cross-platform mobile apps in C# with Xamarin for Visual Studio, in HTML/Javascript with Apache Cordova, in C# with Unity Universal Windows apps for any Windows 10 device Web development and for native C++ Classic desktop and Windows Store.


• Seamless Connect to Services
Visual Studio 2015 has made it easier than ever to connect your app to services. The new Add Connected Service wizard configures your project, adds the necessary authentication support, and downloads the necessary NuGet packages to get you started coding against your service quickly and painlessly. The Add Connected Service wizard also integrates with the new Account Manager to make it easy to work with multiple user accounts and subscriptions. In Visual Studio 2015, support for the following services is provided:

1. Azure Mobile Services
2. Azure Storage
3. Office 365 (mail, contacts, calendars, files, users & groups)
4. Salesforce

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• Incredible Debugging and Diagnostics PerfTips

It displays the execution time of methods during debugging, enabling you to quickly spot bottlenecks without having to invoke the profiler. There is a provision of the Error List, which now supports filtering on any column. It also shows a live view of errors, warnings, and code analysis across your solution. Also, there is GPU Usage Tool, which helps users to collect and analyze GPU usage data in DirectX apps and games and troubleshoot.


• Live code analysis (light bulbs)
The new Roslyn compiler for C# and Visual Basic not only provides faster compile times—it also enables new scenarios such as live code analysis, which provide rich and customizable feedback and suggestions directly inside the code editor as you type.

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• The New and Improved C# 6.0
Some of the C# 6.0 new features include Null-Conditional Operator, Auto-Property Initializers, Name of Expressions, Primary Constructors and Expression Bodied Functions and Properties. Learn more here.


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