Search has become one of the most critical functionality in today’s world, as the end users rely on it to get to the result in the quickest way. SharePoint is one such platform on which we can leverage the ‘Search’ features. Searching for a particular word or phrase often yields hundreds and thousands of search results for users. Search in SharePoint 2013 has enabled users to find relevant information more quickly and easily than ever before.

Combining the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 along with numerous improvements, ‘Search’ feature in SharePoint 2013 has been optimized to deliver more accurate information. SharePoint 2013 has helped developers to add more context-specific refiners to help the user further reduce the result set. The webinar session will discuss how ‘Search’ in SharePoint 2013 has been enhanced to provide users with a consistent stream of relevant information, and how it helps the end-user.

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