WinWireans Speak

Watch out what our people have to say

We are a company with a difference. We have got ‘winning’ wired into our genes. We like to be ‘different’ in what we do, and how we do; and we do it with all our heart. Definitely not a follower of “this-is not-how-its-done-here” culture; we care for what we’re making and doing. Our team of livewires – the WinWireans – believe WinWire to be the right place for Thinkers, Believers, and Go-getters.

Geetha Priya Krishnappa

Senior Engagement Manager
Employee since 2014

“WinWire empowers you to develop and learn new skills and abilities. The work environment is incomparable, and I am proud to work here.”

Tushar G. Walavalkar

Senior Technical Architect
Employee since 2019

“At WinWire, everyone genuinely helps each other and has a pleasant, open, and transparent culture.”

Neha Sharma

Program Manager
Santa Clara, CA
Employee since 2015

“I have always witnessed a collaborative work culture and a leadership team which is focused on the growth of its people and the organization.”

Suhas JV

Project Manager
Employee since 2019

“I have enjoyed the benefits and responsibility from day one and am thrilled to be in a place where I make essential contributions to my team on a daily basis.”

Sree Navya

Senior Technical Lead
Employee since 2013

“Individual talents and achievements are recognized really well at WinWire. The management team is supportive and ensures your suggestions are heard.”

Kiran Kumar

Recruitment Manager
Employee since 2018

Working at WinWire is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about WinWire is that it has allowed me to balance work and life by allowing flexible working hours. Individual talents and achievements are recognized in the company and encouraged by all. The management team is incredibly supportive and ensures your suggestions are heard and included in the company planning process. I am proud to be part of WinWire.