WinWireans Speak

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We are a company with a difference. We have got ‘winning’ wired into our genes. We like to be ‘different’ in what we do, and how we do; and we do it with all our heart. Definitely not a follower of “this-is not-how-its-done-here” culture; we care for what we’re making and doing. Our team of livewires – the WinWireans – believe WinWire to be the right place for Thinkers, Believers, and Go-getters.

Geetha Priya Krishnappa

Engagement Manager,
Employee since 2014

My role as an Engagement Manager at WinWire affords me every opportunity to learn and grow professionally and has given me a new set of exciting responsibilities and challenges that inspired me to develop and learn new skills and abilities. The work environment is incomparable and I am really proud to be working with WinWire.

Jeff Gellman

VP - Technology Solutions,
Employee since 2017

After nearly 30 years in the IT industry, I joined WinWire a little over a year ago and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career. The entire WinWire team, from senior management down through the global delivery team, are some of the most talented and intelligent professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone within WinWire strives every day to live by our core values of People First, Technology Leadership and Execution Excellence whether it’s in our client work or in our professional growth. WinWire has given me the opportunity to continue to grow my technical and leadership skills in both my client work and by taking advantage of the various training and speaking opportunities presented to us as a Managed Microsoft Gold Partner. I look forward to many, many more satisfying and productive years with WinWire.

Neha Sharma

Program Manager,
Santa Clara, CA
Employee since 2015

I started working at WinWire from March 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed my 4+ years at WinWire. Over the years WinWire has given me ample opportunities to work with some of the great minds which helped me grow as a professional as well as an individual. Within the organization, I have always witnessed a collaborative work culture and a leadership team which is focused on the growth of its people and the organization. The longevity of many of WinWire’s employees is great, and that says a lot about WinWire as a company. It has been a great experience and a complete package in itself. Thanks for the many great years!

Sree Navya

Technical Lead,
Employee since 2013

I’ve been working with WinWire for over five years now and must admit it is one of the more exciting positions I’ve filled. Everyone here is smart, energetic and fun to work with. There is a laser focus leveraging Microsoft that leads to delivering measurable value to our customers. It is an exciting company to be a part of and one with a bright future.

John F Mender

Director - Sales,
New York
Employee since 2017

WinWire is a great place to work. I have been fortunate to work for some prestigious System Integrators and Technology companies in my past. WinWire as a technology company prides itself on “Execution Excellence” and “Technology Leadership”. Both key phrases are put into practice daily from working with internal teams to delivering innovated services and solutions back to our customers. When you can reach out to your customer base and ask for a customer reference, and they reply back  “I would be honored to do this for you and WinWire”  that really makes evident what our customers truly think about us. The dedication and determination that is instilled from our leadership team down on what should be important in the services industry, helps create a culturally sound organization.