Moving to the cloud is insufficient to reap its benefits. According to this Flexera report, 94% of organizations are using cloud services. However, only 20% of them believe they have optimized their cloud usage, and 30% are concerned about cloud cost management.

Cloud Cost Optimization (CCO) is no longer a one-off practice but an ongoing process that empowers cost control and governance. A structured approach to continuous CCO empowers organizations to regain control, manage costs, and implement governance consistently. With rising cloud adoption, businesses are driven to optimize spending, establish usage metrics, & combat resource sprawl through robust cost control & governance.

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies for identifying and eliminating wasted cloud resources.
  • Tips and best practices for right-sizing your cloud infrastructure to match your actual needs.
  • Cost-effective provisioning techniques to ensure optimal resource utilization.

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