Generative AI




Microsoft Azure, OpenAI’s NLP


A California-based company that uses genomics and artificial intelligence to discover and develop new   drugs for various types of cancer. The company aims to accelerate the drug discovery process by analyzing large amounts of genomic data and generate novel molecules with therapeutic potential.

Business Challenge

Reviewing clinical trial protocols was a cumbersome, labor-intensive process that was prone to error. Documentation was extensive, and ensuring accuracy and compliance was time consuming. The client was not just concerned about improving efficiency, but also about delivering safe treatments to their patients.

Key challenges

  • Clinical trial protocol development faces challenges from time-consuming literature reviews and strict regulatory standards.
  • Lengthy reviews and adherence to regulations delays trials and strain resources.
  • Efficient processes are crucial for cost savings, and timely trials.

WinWire Solution

WinWire’s solution redefines how our client reviews clinical trial documents and protocols. Utilizing Microsoft Azure and OpenAI’s sophisticated NLP technology, the solution rapidly examines large documents, identifies mistakes, and ensures compliance.

Highlights of the solution include:

  • AI-Driven Insights to predict trends, analyze data, and streamline operations, allowing the team to focus on other time sensitive and critical decisions.
  • Scalable Azure Infrastructure built to accommodate growth, this technology can easily scale and adjust to future needs.
  • Real-Time Collaboration enhances team efficiency by enabling instant communication and feedback.

Business Value

  • The solution significantly reduced the time to initiate clinical trials and increased reliability.
  • By detecting errors earlier in the process, it minimized the likelihood of costly do-overs. As a result, the client started clinical trials sooner and going forward, will be able to bring drugs to market faster.

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