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Technology developments have compelled organizations to store more data. However, data quality is often neglected and impacts revenue margins. Apart from the immediate effect on revenue, poor-quality data increases the complexity of the data ecosystem and leads to poor decision-making.

Data governance encompasses the people, processes, and technologies required to manage and protect data assets. Data governance helps organizations address their most challenges related to data quality and literacy.

Data Governance Microsoft Purview

WinDemocratizePowered by Microsoft Purview

Enable a data-driven organization — discover, catalog, and manage your enterprise data.

WinWire’s WinDemocratize service offering, powered by Microsoft Purview, helps organizations to adopt a modern data platform and assist them in taking control of their cross-organizational data.

WinDemocratize addresses the challenges in implementing and adopting Data Governance with Microsoft Purview. WinDemocratize enables Enterprises to adopt Purview efficiently by bringing industry-specific business glossary and integration with Azure services like Data Share and Design Thinking principles to onboard the business community.

Service Offerings

WinDemocratize is designed to provide the organizations with a unified data governance structure that facilitates the data management procedure in all environments, including on-premises, cloud environments, and the software as a service data.

Data Governance Microsoft Purview

Readiness Assessment

  • Inventory management of data assets
  • Define business value and business case with ROI in 4 to 6 weeks
microsoft purview

Operating Model

  • Setup Data governance operating model
  • Onboarding process in 4 to 6 weeks
microsoft purview

Foundation Solution

  • Demonstrate successful access of business glossary, lineage & insights in 4 weeks
azure purview data governance

Onboarding Waves

  • Enable Data governance for applications
  • Ensuring data access to the right user at the right time


How we accelerate unified data governance?

microsoft purview framework
Survey-based data governance maturity assessment & readiness
microsoft purview framework
Design-thinking based business value articulation
unified data governance
Pre-built function-specific business glossary
unified data governance
Metadata extraction accelerators & Atlas-based API
unified data governance
Integration with Azure native services Data Share
data governance

Results You Can Expect

How does Data Governance benefit my organization?

  • Reduced adoption risk by a comprehensive assessment of user community/function maturity
  • Data governance acceleration, covering scanners, business glossary, business rules and reporting
  • Optimized Purview integration with Power BI, Data Share, and consumption design

Govern and manage data in the cloud with WinDemocratize

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