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Are you thinking about migrating from Tableau to Power BI? A lot of companies find that Tableau can be expensive and complicated, especially when it comes to licenses and fitting into existing systems. Power BI might be a better choice because it’s simpler and more affordable. 

At WinWire, we facilitate your transition from Tableau to Power BI, ensuring it’s not just a change of tools but a transformation in how you interact with your data. Our advanced automation reduces downtime and streamlines the transition, making it efficient and effective.

tableau to power bi migration

Offering Features

Extracts the Tableau files, stored in a database
Determines the migration strategy, efforts, ROI and execution plan
Extracts and processes with TOM (Tabular Object Model) to create Power BI datasets
Factory approach with continuous integration and deployment
migrate tableau to powerbi

Results You Can Expect

  • 50% reduction in models rebuilt in Power BI.
  • 25% – 30% reduction in dashboard ‘build & conversion’ efforts.
  • Our metadata driven accelerator reduces migration cost.
  • Accelerator provides embedded insights.

Getting Started: A Tableau to Power BI Migration 4 Week PoC

Our Win with Power BI accelerator empowers enterprises to seamlessly and rapidly migrate from Tableau to Power BI, embracing industry-leading visual analytics and Azure services.

Discovery & Scoping

  • Pilot Solution: Metadata driven migration of model and visualization design and build out in Power BI.
  • Migration Scale: Define the roadmap with scale-out plan for the migration of all reports to Power BI. Leverage Azure services Microsoft Purview, Azure ML and Cognitive services.

Key Deliverables

  • Assessment and review of the Tableau landscape.
  • Final migration plan and approach.
  • Business value summary with TCO and ROI for migrating to Power BI.
  • ROI analysis of integrating Microsoft Purview, Azure ML and Cognitive Services.

Leverage our 4 weeks PoC solution and experience the value of migrating from Tableau to Power BI!


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