Reimagine Innovation with an Adaptive Innovation Framework

With growing pressure from increasingly demanding customers and an extremely competitive global market, product engineering leaders need to focus on productizing innovation to streamline and manage their product lifecycles to achieve non-linear growth and maintain the competitive edge.

productizing innovation

Productizing Innovation

WinWire’s Productizing Innovation (WinBoost) framework is a scalable, flexible, high-performance model from product innovation to engineering.

It aligns IT delivery across distinct steps to successfully manage the product lifecycle and is adaptable and customizable to address different customer scenarios.

Stages of WinBoost

product innovation

Processes, Tools, and Templates

A well-defined stage-gate process supported by mature tools, robust custom processes, documentation, and strategies.

productization process

Core Engineering Platform and Processes

Facilitates governance, security, compliance, standards to transform the engineering approach


Data Platform

Service to Migrate/Modernize on perm data platforms to cloud based modern data platform and make it AI enabled

productization framework

Solution Features

What does Productization Innovation framework do for you?

Fast Time-To-Value

Simple product configuration and pre-built data connectors

productizing innovation
Integrated Analytics

Pre-built industry-leading dashboards & analytics specifically designed for R&D

product development framework
Integration with Systems of Records

Leverages pre-built connectors to legacy enterprise systems like SAP HANA, Oracle and others.

productizing innovation

Modular design and implementation that is customizable to meet client needs, priorities & timeline.

software productization

Results You Can Expect

Why choose WinBoost?

  • The solution is reusable, thereby enabling reducing time-to-market.
  • Fosters a culture of innovation
  • Transfer your creative ideas into successful new products and solutions.

Need help on maximizing ROI leveraging WinBoost?