COVID-19  (Coronavirus) is one of the most ‘pressing uncertainty’ the world is facing. As the impact continues to grow across locations rapidly, we understand how challenging it’s for healthcare organizations and their need to respond quickly to address healthy and infected individuals.

WinWire has built a Healthcare BOT solution leveraging the Microsoft BOT framework to aid healthcare organizations reduce risks that the additional foot traffic can have in increasing contamination between healthy and infected COVID-19 individuals.

Our BOT will help healthcare organizations to

Cloud Assessment Tool

Answer FAQs and Support Q&A from the CDC and WHO websites

Multi-lingual capability as BOT understands multiple languages

Cloud Assessment Tool

Reduce tedious tasks and save efforts and time of caregivers

Avoid further spread of COVID-19

Healthcare BOT to Combat COVID-19

WinWire’s Healthcare BOT leverages AI-based chatbot to answer questions about COVID-19 through a natural conversation experience. The BOT uses automated software programming with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide accurate and updated information. COVID-19 healthcare bot is listed as a “featured app” in Azure Marketplace.

Customer Engagement Flow

Cloud Assessment Tool

Demo the

Cloud Assessment Tool

Deploy the
BOT in 3-4 days

BOT will
answer   COVID-19 


Customize the BOT
and integrate with
Teams & LOB


AI-powered healthcare BOT is designed for healthcare organizations to identify timely and relevant information on COVID-19

Wish to know how BOT can support to fight COVID-19?