The Pressing Need for Agility in Business Transformation

Rapidly changing business scenarios, the advent of social, cloud, analytics, mobility, and the increased need to streamline processes are compelling IT organizations to become more agile and effective in delivering frictionless services to their end customers.

Cloud DevOps and Automation

Enhance your deployment speed from DevOps automation

DevOps helps IT organizations to break down silos, embrace collaboration, enable continuous delivery, and inject agility to drive business success. DevOps makes this happen by bringing business, operations, and development teams together to apply automated processes to streamline IT.

Our DevOps services span across the application life cycle and can be used for any application, from digital customer-facing apps to large-scale enterprise products.

Our Cloud DevOps and Automation services help

  • Automate your delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for increased efficiency.
  • Faster time to market and reduce cost.

Service Offerings

Our DevOps Automation services help enterprises accelerate deployments, the project at hand and adopt DevOps best practices to improve time to market.

DevOps Roadmap to Optimize IT

  • Evaluate current environment using diagnostic & maturity models
  • Develop DevOps roadmap & framework
  • Define IT operating model based on DevOps
  • Design lean governance, processes & practices
DevOps Automation services

DevOps Roadmap to Optimize IT

Infrastructure as Code

  • Design Azure Resource Manager and Terraform templates
  • Design Azure Resource Manager and Terraform templates
  • Build self-service catalog
  • Automate scaling, failover, and self-healing
  • Automate monitoring and tool installation
Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as Code

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

  • Build CI/CD pipeline on Azure
  • Integrate code delivery and infrastructure provisioning
  • Test automation and configuration management
  • DevOps tooling – Cloud or on-premises
  • Release planning, monitoring & automation
devops automation

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continous Delivery (CD)

Docker Containers on Azure

  • Evaluate cloud container readiness – Containerization
  • Design and built container cluster
  • Setup Docker orchestration (Azure Kubernetes Service)
  • Microservices
devops and automation

Docker Containers on Azure

Results You Can Expect

Faster time to market – Reduce time to market through streamlined software delivery.
Business Resiliency – Increased operational efficiency, and embedded security and compliance.
Scalability – Automate cloud scaling and recovery.
Throughput – Improve the velocity of software delivery and deliver new functionalities faster.

Start your Cloud DevOps and Automation journey to improve business agility.

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