Getting custom apps up and
running with ease

The ability to develop intriguing applications that offer the right content at the right time to support business processes is essential for successful digital transformation.

With traditional systems, organizations invest heavily to develop a custom-built application from scratch that can be time-consuming.

cloud native application development

Cloud Native Development

Build and deploy from scratch, in minutes!

WinWire’s Cloud Native Development (WinCND) provides an end-to-end solution to create, build, and deploy a cloud-ready web application in minutes.

Following modern application architecture and standard coding practices, it is the perfect solution accelerator for companies building web applications from scratch or working on modernizing legacy applications.

It comes with several pre-built components such as database access, exception handling, key vault access, file management, and email functionality, and security is implemented out of the box at all layers using Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Graph API deployment.

Solution Features

What does Cloud Native Development do for you?

what is cloud native meaning

Create applications following modern architecture in minutes that follow design guidelines, coding standards and optimized for Cloud.

cloud native app development

Pre-built Common components such as authentication/ authorization, database access, secret management, file management, email functionality, and other features to be used/ customized.

application development

Templates to create infrastructure on the Cloud to host the application.

cloud apps

Azure DevOps Pipelines that can be used for application deployment (CI/CD).

Results You Can Expect

How does WinCND benefit my organization?

  • Accelerates your application development lifecycle
  • Provides pre-built components and templates to create the required infrastructure and Azure DevOps Pipelines for deployment
  • Helps you modernize legacy applications or build them from scratch within minutes

Accelerate application development and reduce time-to-market with WinCND

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