Application Development and Modernization




.NET, Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud


The customer is a leading healthcare medication and feed producer that develops animal health products and innovative solutions to protect and enhance animal health.

Business Challenge

The customer is a world leader in developing innovative products The animal healthcare leader set up its goal of extracting datasets and applications across systems to create great experiences for its established customers without disruption.

They were building a lot of new applications which had a common set of features and followed similar architecture. They wanted to create:

  • A basic infrastructure/code that was repetitive as presently it was time-consuming. 
  • Streamline the application structure and follow company/industry best practices, as that would already be a part of the code generated with the framework. 

This derived the idea of creating a framework of reusable components that could be used to build a brand-new application along with the infrastructure that has all the basic functionality built-in, and the developers could focus on implementing the business logic specific to the application being built.

Having this framework in place would save the customer a lot of time in creating a new application and will enable them to tackle technical debt and ensure business continuity.

WinWire Solution

WinWire recommended the animal healthcare leader to leverage a future-ready and highly scalable WinCND framework to enable them to achieve their goal and achieve transformative customer experiences. WinCND allowed the customer to:

  • Generate code for a basic application with all common features plugged-in, along with infrastructure & deployment templates
  • Provides an overall solution to rapidly build a fully functional cloud ready web application following modern architecture
  • Covers the end-to-end application development/ management lifecycle
  • Leverage Pre-built Common components such as authentication/authorization, database access, secret management, file management, email functionality and other features were used
  • Use Azure DevOps Pipelines for application deployment (CI/CD)

Business Value

  • Built a framework that ensured business continuity and tackle technical debt
  • Enabled to drive customer experience and deliver business value
  • Develop a modern architecture that optimized time and efforts

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