Addressing business challenges through innovation

In today’s digital age, developing better product software or new solutions faster has never been more important to respond to growing customer needs – nevertheless, enterprises still struggle with it. The longer your enterprise holds onto the idea, the higher the risk that your competitors will beat you.

How WinWire Innovates

WinWire’s PoC and MVP service offerings help enterprises create Proof-of-Concepts and Minimum Viable Products (MVP): to INNOVATE & ITERATE on the use of modern technology stacks for solving complex and unclear problems via customer empathy, design, and prototyping techniques.

WinWire Living Labs takes the job of researching, incubating, and testing the latest or future technologies as POCs (proof-of-concept).

Most of our focus is on AI and Advanced Data Analytics, along with Power platform automation (RPA) and new emerging experiential tech areas around AR/VR/MR using Microsoft HoloLens and similar AR mobile devices.

Our Methodology

How we build POC and MVP

Our process for POC building could be straightforward and time-boxed or it could be design thinking driven and focused on strategic pillars aligned to our customer’s strategic innovation goals.

Following best practices and an agile development process, our MVP development service works in two-week sprints and incorporates planning, development, testing, and reviews. We ensure continuous progress throughout the project and full visibility for our clients.

The Pillars of PoC and MVP
  • Customer-centric ideas that focus on what the customer wants
  • Customer needs as a driver in prototyping
  • Fast testing and learning
  • Iterative improvement

Our Offerings

Why WinWire?

Building a high-quality product or solution requires different sets of skills. WinWire has the know-how and experience to deliver what your organization needs from an innovation partner.

Fast track your product development for the competitive edge and scale your business.


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