The Future of Drug Safety: Harnessing AI for Pharmacovigilance Automation

Keeping healthcare patients safe while tracking adverse drug event (ADEs) has become an increasingly bigger challenge. In the last few years, the number of safety cases are increasing by up to 15% every year because of the volume of new drugs and growing patient health complexity. This highlights the need for effective monitoring and management systems to keep patients safe with clear sight on rising cost per case. 

Pharmacovigilance Automation

Pharmacovigilance Automation Solution

Enhance your patient’s safety and improve operational efficiency

Our solution streamlines the adverse drug detection process from gathering to analysis and reporting, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. By using AI and machine learning, our solution streamlines data entry, case classification, and analysis, allowing healthcare and life sciences organizations to focus on proactive risk management rather than remedial actions.

Our Pharmacovigilance Automation Solution can be implemented in as little as 45 days and cuts costs by up to 60% compared to developing solutions internally.

Solution Features

Data/Information collection
Data completeness
Data completeness check
Drug safety
Signal prioritization for high-risk patients
Pharma commercial launch
NLP empowered development of case narrative
Pharma process automation
Electronic submission of data with acknowledgement
Pharmacovigilance Process Automation

Results You Can Expect

WinWire’s Pharmacovigilance Automation Solution cuts down the expense of the pharmacovigilance process by between 40-60% and shortens the time required for case intake and triage by 40-50%.  In addition, our solution addresses the following:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps companies stay compliant with global drug safety regulations with streamlined, error-free reporting.
  • Operational Efficiency: Frees up your valuable resources by reducing the time spent on manual data entry and case intake and triage by 40-50%.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Leverages real-time data analytics for more informed and timely decision-making.
  • Enhanced Patient Safety: Ensures patient safety by proactively identifying ADR patterns.

Are you looking for ways to enhance your pharmacovigilance processes and ensure unparalleled patient safety? 

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