Enabling Real-World Evidence with Analytics

In today’s data-driven world, exploring real-world data (RWD) and making it actionable (insight-ready) to drive value across the clinical and commercial continuum is a significant challenge many life sciences organizations struggle with.

Organizations have realized that unlocking the value from RWD is the way forward for the industry to achieve accelerated clinical trials and support regulatory decisions.

Real-World Evidence Analytics

Real-World Evidence Analytics Solution

Optimizing RWD use to drive effective outcomes

WinWire’s RWE Analytics solution is powered by Knowledge Mining, and is built leveraging Azure Search, Cognitive Services, NLP/AI, and Text Analytics.

The analytics solution transforms data into insights and facilitates RWE by making it easier for organizations to ingest vast datasets from various sources and provide analytical tools, including AI capabilities.

The solution is listed on Azure Marketplace.

Our RWE Analytics approach

RWE Analytics approach

Results You Can Expect

How RWE benefits your organization

  • Enable drug discovery organizations highlight benefit/s of launched drug with real evidence
  • Helps improve patient outcomes
  • Improves customer satisfaction with data-driven insights on the drug
  • Accelerates clinical trials process

Unlock actionable insights with the RWE Analytics

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