Microsoft has just revealed the recipients of the prestigious Worldwide 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards (POTY). I’m delighted to share that WinWire continues to be recognized annually by Microsoft and this year is no exception.

WinWire has been honored as the Winner for our innovative work in modernizing applications on Azure, where we assisted a leading legal technology company, with its application modernization journey. We were also awarded as a Finalist in the Migration to Azure category, showing our successful partnership with a leading drug discovery company.

2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

The 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards are announced ahead of their fiscal year Partner kickoff, MCAPS Start, a digital event on July 10th and 11th. Partners will receive recognition at MCAPS Start for Partners ahead of in person celebrations during the week of Microsoft Ignite in November. The award is for Microsoft partners that have created and delivered exceptional Microsoft centric cloud solutions that drive significant positive impact for their customers in the past year. This is a remarkable achievement for the WinWire team, as we are competing with partners from around the globe.

2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

Modernizing Applications Award

A global legal technology company modernized its legacy eDiscovery Application using Azure, saving 150% on IT Costs and scaling data to 19 Petabytes.

Migration to Azure Award

WinWire accelerates drug development for a leading drug discovery organization leveraging the Azure AI Platform.

A Legacy of People First, Technology Leadership, and Execution Excellence

WinWire has a consistent track record of outstanding performance and recognition. In 2021, we received the MSUS Partner Award for Healthcare. We were among the top contenders in other fields, such as Cloud Native App Development and Healthcare & App Modernization, demonstrating our competence in delivering innovative digital solutions.

WinWire’s Customer Commitment: Empower, Engage, Elevate

We stand out in the competitive technology landscape for several reasons:

  • Pioneering Generative AI Solutions: WinWire has set up a Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE), a dedicated team of AI experts and offers over 25+ GenAI solutions in the Azure Marketplace. WinWire’s GenAI CoE is at the forefront of innovation, crafting intelligent solutions that harness the power of generative AI to transform businesses.
  • Strategic Partnership with Microsoft: WinWire is a highly valued partner in the Healthcare & Life Sciences domain as well as a key player in software and digital platforms with ISV customers. Our partnership highlights our robust collaboration with Microsoft and reflects our dedication to providing innovative and customized technology solutions within both the tech and healthcare industries. By utilizing Microsoft’s advanced technologies, we are able to drive growth and achieve positive business outcomes, further establishing our leadership in the marketplace.
  • Azure Marketplace Presence: With over 60+ offerings on the Azure Marketplace, WinWire provides a wide range of solutions that serve across industries, enhancing innovation and accessibility in healthcare, ISVs, retail, high-tech, and manufacturing.

Driving Innovation with Integrity at WinWire

WinWire’s Microsoft Partner of the Year Award highlights our commitment to quality and innovation. We enable our customers to stay ahead with the latest digital solutions. At our core, we place people first, lead with technology, and focus on flawless execution.

We are grateful to Microsoft for our partnership and recognizing our work. We are delighted to win awards for modernizing applications and migration to Azure category in this year’s Microsoft Partner of the Year awards.

We deeply appreciate every WinWire team member; your dedication and expertise are the driving force behind our success. We are also thankful to our customers for their trust and partnership in our vision.

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