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Azure Data Lake, Azure Factory, Key Vault, Blob Storage, Synapse, DevOps


The customer is a leading research-based biopharmaceutical company that focuses on discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative medicines.

Business Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Biopharmaceutical company knew they had a potential treatment that could save thousands of lives. However, the drug had never been through the clinical trial process or approved by any health organization.

Because customer don’t sell directly to patients, they lacked the data necessary to make critical decisions about the drug, most importantly, they needed more information on the drug’s safety profile so that they could become aware of side effects, work to improve them, and get it approved for outpatient use.

  • There was a lot of external data available that could help build this case – however, this data was disparate, uncoordinated and came in at different time intervals.

WinWire Solution

WinWire used Azure Data Factory (ADF) ETL Framework along with Databricks and Synapse DW (MPP) engine to enable huge data extractions, ingestion, and processing from heterogenous source systems.

  • Leveraged Databricks extensively for data processing on a collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform.
  • Processed 15TB of data per quarter and enabled them to perform analysis on several KPIs.
  • Accelerated innovation by bringing together data science, data engineering, and business leadership.
  • Architected a dedicated, large-scale Big Data collection and processing pipeline using primarily Azure Data Lake and Data Factory.
  • Created an email notification system connected to their data platform that can be configured to send messages based on customizable criteria so that the right people are notified of new findings ASAP.
  • Monitored hundreds of millions of patient outcomes, create actionable insights leading to the improvement of drug treatment and outcome.
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Business Value

  • The drug has been administered to tens of millions of outpatients, helping treat COVID-19 patients and avoid hospitalization.
  • Enabled the customer to prove both the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

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