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.NET, Azure Databricks, Kafka, Scala


The customer provides automation and business analytics software for patient-centric medication & supply management across the healthcare continuum.

Business Challenge

Manual processes for medication management are inefficient and prone to human error. Hospital pharmacies are increasingly facing medicine shortages, impacting patient care. The customer’s existing processes, used by facilities worldwide, are disconnected and time-consuming. Key challenges faced by Hospitals include

  • Medication-related problems account for 40% of hospital re-admissions, and
  • More than 75% of pharmacy time is spent on non-clinical activities.

Need is to modernize the existing data process to adopt a solution that enabled them to transform the way hospital pharmacies dispense and track medication. Delivering improved workflowexpanding automation, enhancing medication management intelligence, and eventually progress towards the autonomous pharmacy, a roadmap to develop a zero errorfully automated medication management infrastructure. 

WinWire Solution

WinWire supported the customer with Microsoft’s Azure Data platform and enabled a seamless integration and high availability of the Medication Management Automation System.

  • Using .Net Core technology, WinWire ensured the solution integrates seamlessly with tools from other vendors on different platforms to deliver the functionality that the customer needs.
  • Metadata driven data processing Scala data-pipelines on Databricks processes the transactions arriving via Kafka (electronic transactions from external entities), and the serialize into PostgreSQL data stores
  • .Net Core-based microservices consume the data and allow user to interact with it through an Angular application, which ensures that the data is available on multiple channels, including mobile devices, tablets, and desktops
  • Expanded capabilities and functionality within real-time data process on the Databricks services to simplify workflows, improve inventory visibility, provide data insights, and improve staff satisfaction and patient safety.
  • Expanded inventory optimization through new enhancements such as intra-system stock-out dashboards and cabinet benchmarking that includes safety standards

Business Value

  • Contributed towards an increase in revenue margins and reduced dispensing errors to 0%
  • Enabled hospital pharmacies to store up to 300% more doses and increased the speed of medication ordering by 83%
  • Supported in customer’s progression towards autonomous pharmacy
  • Enhanced Medication Inventory Management and patient care

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