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Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory


The customer is a leading integrated shipping solution provider. They provide a cloud-based solution with state-of-the-art business intelligence and a carrier library for more than 550 carriers, empowering organizations to achieve on-time delivery while improving profits per shipment.

Business Challenge

The customer faced multiple challenges around traditional data management, which marred their growth journey. The organization wanted to embark on a growth journey through data-driven approach to explore and learn customer behaviors and improve customer experience.

Their existing system could not capture diverse data types, generate comprehensive analytics, and integrate data with decision making.

  • Before the implementation of the Metadata driven framework, the customer needs to pull the source data from TX7 databases.
  • For each object from TX7 there is an individual data flow task. So, if any new object needs to add to the system a new workflow needs to be created.
  • The performance of the system was very slow for a single customer data load.
  • The system lacked flexibility to load a new customer and new entity into the BI system as this requires new code to be developed/test each time.

The customer was looking for a partner that can enable them to build a flexible, robust, and dynamic BI application and manage data configuration and data integration processes.

WinWire Solution

WinWire collaborated with the customer to build an integrated BI application to manage and govern data leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics. The solution enabled the organization analyze data with real-time analytics to make smarter, agile, data-driven decisions.

  • Architect, design and build data models capable to cater to a wide range of data reporting and analytics.
  • Metadata-driven CDM (Common Data Model) and ADM (Analytical Data Model) process offered the ability to do transformation and loading of tables and can be leveraged to run metadata validation.
  • The whole approach of a metadata-driven framework enables Data integration and enables to get data in JSON format through API.
  • The team can quickly onboard new customers and integrate set of data sources with minimal efforts.
Azure Synapse Analytics

Business Value

  • Improved business outcomes and decision making 
  • Enabled the load of external data like weather data into the BI solution with minimal changes
  • The performance of data loading for multi-customer/multi-instance is faster due to parallel processing
  • The metadata repository acted as a data dictionary and data governance platform

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