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Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI, & Machine Learning


The customer is the premier worldwide distributor of books, digital content, and entertainment products for approximately 25,000 suppliers in 120 countries.

Business Challenge

With a mission to make educational resources available to everyone, the customer has been a trusted partner to Pre-K and K-12 schools, districts, and college campuses.

The customer wanted to offer new powerful insights through its Destiny platform that can enable the school system find new ways to re-engage student’s post-pandemic and help them find new ways to learn in a more personalized manner.  

However, their platform lacked a robust analytics tool that can consolidate data from 100K daily users connected to 11,500 databases (school districts) into a unified portal for insightful reporting.

The customer was looking to have a scalable solution, which is easy to maintain and must have:

Key challenges:

  • Resource analytics reporting gaps
  • Lack of district level reporting
  • Static operational report construction
  • Difficulties in measuring the investment impact on engagement and outcomes
  • Lack of other cross-data set reporting
  • User interface fragmentation

WinWire Solution

WinWire helped the customer to design, build, and implementation of insights using Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI for the Destiny Analytics & Reporting platform.

WinWire provided a modernized data infrastructure and visualization tool. Destiny Analytics & Reporting platform offers insights across print, digital, resources, collections, and non-Destiny data sources.

All is now consolidated in a seamless unified portal and dashboard, data can be ‘sliced & diced’ and filtered as needed, and the tiered product offer includes add-on capabilities, plus consulting. On top of that, we ensured that Destiny’s performance is much faster.

Another beauty of this solution, it is scalable, it is ‘plug & play’ in nature – ready for use within just two days! It’s completely configurable and reusable, so customer can use the same code and replicate it across geographies.

kids learning

Business Value

  • Helped to empower 48 million patrons across 11,500 US school districts with actionable insights that were not previously visible
  • Saving 95% of development costs and another 85% on proposed IT licensing
  • Enabled personalized resources for better student engagement
  • Eliminated reporting – from 3 days down to real-time
  • Provided a scalable environment, ready for upgrades, added services & can seamlessly handle 80K – 160K users

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