In any organization, there are several HR process workflows that impact the employee On-Boarding process as it involves various “actions,” such as approvals, reviews or follow ups that need to be executed by executives, HR, Finance, IT and other departmental personnel before a new employee begin working. Similarly, Off-Boarding process involves various actions in order to reduce the risk of lawsuits and loss of confidential company information and assets. The reality is that these actions are often not at the forefront of manager’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Many organizations still utilize paper-based or document-heavy approval processes for these critical workflows, slowing down a new hire’s potential time-to-productivity or relieving the employee. The challenges being faced by organizations are:

• Fragmented onboarding and off-boarding processes
• Less control over the entire HR processes
• Manual inter-departmental communication process
• Time-consuming and error prone process
• Paper-based HR processes

Manual vs. Automated Processes

Off – boarding

WinWire’s Human Resource System (WinHRS) is a SharePoint 2013 based solution focusing on core HR processes involved in employee onboarding and off-boarding. WinHRS automates HR On-Boarding and Off-Boarding by integrating existing systems. This reduces manual processes and paperwork, increases momentum, and enables HR staff, line managers and others to make joining and leaving the company an efficient process for employees.

WinHRS implements a standardized business process for On-Boarding and Off-Boarding that involve various departments and roles such as HR Generalist, HR Manager, Finance team, Operations team and IS team. The solution is an accelerator and can be customized to fit the specific organization needs.

Features of WinHRS include:

• Provides new levels of productivity and compliance by automating HR processes
• Complements the powerful functionality of HR systems by addressing “the last mile” of manual process automation and user-friendly form data collection
• Ability for the manager to oversee the workflow progress
• Allows HR professionals to focus on exceptions rather than the mundane “paper shuffle”
• Futuristic design to mobile enable the portal.
• Solution can be extended to integrate with Line of Business (LoB) systems such as SAP and other databases as needed

Customers who have implemented WinHRS have experienced a significant user adoption, reduced administrative time to complete documentation and increased employee engagement levels.