Deployment of environments can be simplified and kept consistent using the DevOps concept Infrastructure as a Code (IaC). This reduces the time to create environments on demand for testing, user acceptance and helps tracing deployment failures way before the production release of the application. Azure Resource Manager templates enables creation of resources like Virtual machines,… Continue reading Deploy Resources with Custom ARM Templates & Azure portal

A leading product company leverages SharePoint Online to build a document management system to store its product information and share it with vendors and partners, using SharePoint Online’s external sharing feature. However, the system stores confidential data, such as upcoming product roadmap, product codes and so forth. How can this product company share information but… Continue reading How to Implement Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint Online

Selenium is a leading, open source, test automation framework which is widely used to test web applications. Selenium’s popularity lies in its ability to support a large number of browsers and operating systems. It also empowers test engineers to use their preferred programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, .NET, Ruby, PHP, and Perl to… Continue reading How to Create Test Automation Framework Using Selenium and C#

In my previous blog on Data Factory, I have explained how to extract data from Azure SQL Database (Source) to Azure SQL Database (Destination) where I uploaded the output of On-Premise data into a Blob Storage and then use the Azure Data Factory to load data from Blob Storage to Azure SQL Database. There are several ways… Continue reading Load data from SQL Server On-Prem to Azure SQL Database using Azure Data Factory

While working on the projects, we might have a requirement to send emails to a set of recipients programmatically. For this, we usually use the SMTP server created at the client end for sending the emails, which involves a considerable amount of cost and maintenance of servers for the client. However, if we have to… Continue reading Sending Emails using SendGrid in Microsoft Azure

In the recent years, we have seen a huge surge in the development and use of Application Programming Interface (API). Today, Web applications are fueled by REST-based Web Services. APIs compress critical business logic with high SLAs. Hence it is becoming extremely crucial to test APIs as part of the continuous integration (CI) or continuous delivery… Continue reading How to Integrate API Tests with Postman and Newman

Workflow Manager Server provides the capability to host workflows in a high scale, high density, and multi-tenant environment. These Workflows are authored using an entirely declarative model, using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows Workflow Foundation. Workflow Manager is generally used by SharePoint Server to run SharePoint Workflows that help people and teams to collaborate on documents… Continue reading Workflow Manager Server Migration

Beginning with SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has introduced system-versioning database features. This built-in capability helps in providing information about the data stored at any point of time. This capability, called “Temporal” system versioning, is a database feature that was introduced in ANSI SQL 2011 and is now supported in SQL Server 2017. This is also… Continue reading 5 Things to know About Temporal Tables In SQL Server 2016 & Azure SQL Databases

IntroductionLike many of my colleagues and friends, the first thing I check at the start of the year is the list of public holidays for that year. Outlook’s holiday feature comes really handy as it makes it convenient for me to update my Calendar with a predefined list of holidays. Holidays are all-day events in… Continue reading Creating Bulk Custom Events for MS Outlook

SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online have features that enable you to support users in different regions or users who speak different languages. You can use these features to create websites in different languages or to enable users to view sites in their preferred language. This blog describes how to implement multilingual sites in SharePoint online.… Continue reading Implementing ‘Multilingual Sites’ – ‘Language Variations’ in SharePoint Online