In today’s competitive technology landscape, culture is what makes a company stand out amongst the crowd. It is the strong culture of WinWire that sets us apart. While we continue to evolve continuously, our cultural DNA is driven by our core values – People First, Technology Leadership, and Execution Excellence.

Having a strong culture enables us to hire faster, retain the best of talent that has driven WinWire’s past successes and is also a key factor to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations even during these challenging times amid COVID-19.

“People First” was the first of our core values and emphasized to every employee, every day. Through the hard work of the WinWire team, that emphasis has been rewarded. We are thrilled to be among India’s 75 Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2020′ by the Great Place to Work®️ Institute. This honor is our 2nd Great Place to Work recognition in 2020. Earlier this year, WinWire ranked 19 among India’s Great Mid-size workplaces based on extensive ratings gathered from employees.

WinWire takes pride in fostering a Purpose Driven, winning, innovative, and inclusive employee culture. Watch this video to know more about WinWire’s culture:

What Makes WinWire a Great Place to Work?

1. Power to the employees

Ownership and empowerment are encouraged at every level within the organization. Anyone and everyone have good ideas, so the company encourages input and open dialogue from all employees, no matter how short or how long they have been at the firm. “When I joined, I had a lot of ideas,” explained Siddhartha Gaur, Senior Technological Architect at WinWire. “The People First policy enabled me to connect with people and put my ideas into action. It was encouraging and exciting for me.”

The People First value is part of our Purpose Driven culture, a culture based on a set of core values that center on changing the world for the better. Our goal is to forge new paths rather than just follow the old ones. The Purpose Driven mantra creates an organization that has a meaningful impact on customers, the communities they serve, and the world they live in

Purpose Driven corporations disrupt industries and transform the world. They do not follow traditional methods of creating software and delivering services. They write new rules, ones that center on how their work impacts their clients. They have unique business processes and methodologies that deliver game changing experiences.

Consequently, WinWire is not content to make incremental improvements to existing business processes. Instead, we strive to leverage technology to revolutionize how business is done. “Everyone is working toward the same goal, helping our clients gain competitive advantage through innovative software solutions,” noted Akash Sabhajit, Technical Architect at WinWire.

2. Invest in the employees

To gain technology leadership, we focus on Continuous Learning for our employees. Because of the industry that we are in, unless we are continuously and consciously focused on improving ourselves, we are not staying steady but instead falling behind.

We try to do more than simply tout that value; we try to live it. “WinWire as a company really focuses on investing in its employees, and I really love that,” B. Swaramani, Executive Recruitment at WinWire.

3. Fill emotion needs

Purpose Driven corporations also are emotionally driven, and empathy-focused. We understand that our impact extends beyond the bottom line to individuals, communities, and the world around them.

In the workplace, we center on freeform connections, and warm, personal and empathetic interactions. We nurture and create. We encourage collaboration and sacrifice one’s own personal interests for the common good. The outlook creates a very nurturing environment. “At WinWire, you can learn and grow,” concluded WinWire’s Sabhajit. “There is no limit to what you can do as long as you want to do it.”

4. Feel great walking in the door

Ultimately what we wanted to do was build an organization that is a great place to work, so our employees feel welcome walking in the door each morning. We have been recognized as such by Great Place to Work in the 5 dimensions of building High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™: – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie. The study represents the voice of more than 2.1 Million employees across 21+ industries.

This outlook has shaped our business and enabled us to create the best employee experience for building world-class digital innovation centers, a flexible working environment, and employee-friendly policies. We believe that an open, inclusive corporate culture ensures long-term sustainability because it builds a belief in one another and a mindset among our employees that provides us with tremendous strength and boundless energy that translates into responsiveness, resilience, and results that other organizations cannot match.

An opportunity for job aspirants

WinWire is witnessing rapid growth in digital transformation technologies – Cloud, AI/ML, Advanced Analytics, and Application Modernization. We continue to leverage the tremendous talent pool in India to meet the growing demand for these new-age technologies and have brilliant opportunities. If you are an aspirant and looking for opportunities, explore our open positions by visiting our careers page.