Migration as a Service, Cloud Assessment Tool




Azure Cloud, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Virtual Machines, SQL Server


The customer offers an ERP system specialized for the construction industry, which supports accounting, project management, and extended field teams for nearly 8000+ global customers in the construction industry.

Business Challenge

The customer hosted instances of its ERP suite to a subset of its customers. The customer was leveraging a third-party colocation datacenter provider to host these instances.

The aging infrastructure and lack of proper support at the colocation datacenters were impacting and disrupting end-consumers business, revenue, and growth.

The customer was looking to modernize their infrastructure through lift-and-shift of their current hosted product instances to a more reliable cloud platform.

The overall volume of the data and how the customer can do the migration without impacting end – consumers business was the biggest challenge. The data that had to be migrated:

  • 812 ~ end consumers
  • 650 ~Tbs of data volume
  • 1800 ~ virtual machines

WinWire Solution

WinWire’s worked with the customer by implementing Migration-as-a-Service methodology to support them in strategizing/ architecting/ executing the lift-and-shift (as-is) to the Azure platform.

WinWire supported to the customer to:

  • Analyze source hosting platform to understand interdependencies using WinCAM – Cloud Assessment Methodology
  • Created the overall roadmap and approach for the migration. The intent is to achieve near-zero impact/disruption to the end-consumers.
  • Implemented the landing zone in Azure, architected the destination (Azure) using WinCFS – Cloud Foundation Setup
  • Used factory-model migration to Azure with minimal business impact to the end-consumer
  • Analyzed the usage pattern of migrated workload on Azure, and optimized the resources and cost, using WinCCO – Cloud Cost Optimization

Business Value

  • Elevated business efficiency and performance
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better platform and support to the customer with no impact to end-consumers business

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