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Azure DevOps, GitHub, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps, Azure RedHat OpenShift, Azure API Management


A global animal health leader that rigorously innovates to improve the health of animals, builds pet health solutions, treats, and prevents disease in more than 90 countries.

Business Challenge

In 2020, the animal healthcare leader acquired another organization for the purpose of expanding into the B2C market. The acquisition presented a unique challenge, the organization they acquired had a massive application infrastructure and was isolated into many global regional silos. Not only did they want to integrate it with their existing architecture, but they also needed to rebuild significant portions of it entirely in Azure.

  • Modernize legacy applications into their global operations for a total of 10 applications.
  • This required all applications to share the same infrastructure, capabilities, and data, making it possible for the customer to leverage their most critical IT business assets globally, where previously many of them were only available in particular regions.

  • Reduce the TCO and reinvest the savings in innovation and growth by reducing the number of disparate applications that need to be manually maintained and regularly updated.

WinWire Solution

When we started working with the customer, we noticed that every region had its own distinct apps. What we found out when we were conducting portfolio rationalization was that they had at least two or three different apps in every geo-region doing the same thing.

By recognizing this & creating a strategy for modernizing all apps, we were able to create a unified, global capacity that the customer could leverage.

  • To modernize the applications, WinWire used a Core-flex model and leveraged Microsoft’s DevOps stack to modernize application infrastructure.
  • The entire application modernization initiative was constructed with a DevOps framework in mind and the lifecycle of each application, from infrastructure provisioning to building code repositories and supporting and development lifecycle and CICD pipeline support.
  • The team at WinWire built all of this using Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions, as well as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps, Azure RedHat OpenShift, and Azure API Management.

WinWire team also ensured that all applications were containerized using Azure Container Apps, ensuring that the customer can leverage all previously disparate application components.

WinWire was recognized as a Finalist in 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards for this success story.

animal healthcare

Business Value

  • Reduced their entire IT TCO by 85%.
  • Offered the ease of innovation afforded by Azure.
  • Estimated increase of overall operational efficiency to 40% by 2025.

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