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The customer is one of the largest not-for-profit home and community-based health care organization in the United States, serving the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties.

Business Challenge

The healthcare provider gets 50% of its daily calls from patients that require its central command center team to attend and check on the clinician’s visit status. The organization, on any given day, has nearly 40,000 patients, and the number is only increasing during COVID-19.

Patients are eager to know clinician details, including their current estimated visit time for the scheduled appointment.

The command center team needs to collaborate with other internal teams and spend enormous time gathering status information to share with the patients. The entire manual process is time-consuming and impacts both patient and staff experience.

Key challenges

  • Caregivers (command center team) are unable to track the current schedule of thousands of clinicians on the field.
  • Patients are kept waiting on the call for a long time just to know the clinician’s status.
  • Customer wants to build a custom application that is scalable and supports growing business needs.
  • The customer emphasized the application must be modern, fast and easy-to use.

The healthcare organization wanted to enhance their nurses, patient, and admin experience with a unified solution. They also wanted to create a command center dashboard that not only meets the growing demand but also increases capacity while delivering an improved patient and staff experience.

WinWire Solution

WinWire’s holistic approach coupled with UI/UX, design thinking develops a data-driven command center dashboard leveraging cloud to track clinicians’ location to improve patient care, safety, and satisfaction. 

  • Envision mobile experience to ease coordination between patients and nurses. Our UX approach involved understanding business and end users, competitive analysis, user scenarios, journey mapping, design walkthrough and iterations.
  • We used Agile Scrum as project management methodology. Our team developed the application using two-weeks sprints, starting with highest priority functionality.
  • Leveraging near real-time data, WinWire designed & deployed a command center dashboard to provide instant visibility to the caregivers (Clinical Operations Management, Scheduling staff, and Customer Care Center).
  • Optimized the operational process that digitally manages assignment standards/guidelines and real-time communication before, during, and after the clinician visit.
  • Enabled seamless tracking of near real-time clinician location to the Command Center team.

Business Value

  • Achieved an 80% reduction in call duration.
  • Single version of the truth – Command center dashboard aligns stakeholders across the organization to a single version of the truth.
  • Improved patient experience – With real-time information at their fingertips and better visibility to demand, the healthcare provider can deliver a more predictable and consistent experience to their patients with less time spent waiting unnecessarily or receiving care.

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