The customer is an American multinational retail corporation with a chain of hypermarkets, departmental discount stores, and grocery stores from the United States.


Modern Data Platform




Azure Purview, Azure DevOps, Azure ARM, Azure Data Lake Storage

Business Challenge

Data has always been an integral part for the customer to make intelligent business decisions; however, increasing data types and volumes have threatened the process. The multinational corporation strongly feels that many things are changing, including storing and utilizing data. They were looking for a robust data governance solution that enable them to make better-informed decisions, elevate customer experience and lay a platform for future growth.

They aim to responsibly transform their data for suppliers and their users into actionable, operational, and inventory insights. They had multiple challenges and priorities that they proactively want to address, such as quality of data, inability to access data when they need quickly, and not having the robust tools to standardize data management.

WinWire Solution

  • WinWire team has been considered an extension to the Microsoft Engineering team and supported the customer to operationalize data governance solution.
  • Performed in-depth analysis of Azure Purview and provide feedbacks and feature inclusions.
  • Engaged with customer’s product development team in the design phase and support in the custom development of various new features.
  • Program management to prioritize the Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Monitoring and tracking the progress of products & feature release.

The data governance solution comprised of the following components:

  • Data discovery by adding servers in the form of connectors: Catalog with Search, Browse, Explore, and Curate features
  • Data governance to address security policies: Insights on sensitivity, privacy, policies and other reports.
  • Azure Purview platform infrastructure: Using Azure Kubernetes and Azure DevOps with data plane and control plane and stitched in Azure using ARM to containerize.
  • Data-estate management:
  • Data processing systems with performance team testing for scalability of product for ingestion, preparation, and transformation.
  • Data storage systems using Azure Data Lake Storage for Databases, Storage, and Query Engines.

Business Value

  • Addressed opportunity areas such as data access, collaboration, security/protection, to create opportunities for data and insight monetization.
  • Built a scalable approach to offer better experience to merchants, suppliers, supplier partners.
  • Elevated business agility by offering an improved view on improved view on sales, operations, and inventory data.
  • Created a single source of data trust.