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The organization is a not-for-profit firm that accredits and certifies nearly 22,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the U.S.

Business Challenge

A healthcare organization was amid a digital transformation initiative to achieve business agility. They wanted to improve accuracy in its standards document and reduce manual and laborious tasks, impacting productivity.

The organization maintains state-of-the-art standards that focus on improving the quality and safety of care. They have several surveyors who assess organizations and were challenged to:

  • Remember the standards and their elements to assign against each observation logged
  • The present system requires them to look up codes outside of the form they use to capture the information

The manual process was prone to errors, time-consuming and was not cost-effective. The customer required a robust system that can prompt the surveyor in real-time and set standard labels and performance elements to reduce discrepancies.

WinWire Solution

After extensive research and consultation with the customer, WinWire developed a Machine Learning model leveraging around 10,000 historical data rows. WinWire implemented the following to support the customer:

  • Offered a flexible solution that can continuously learn from the finding’s surveyors enter and the standard labels, elements of performance they choose to associate with their findings
  • Leveraged Machine Learning for their LOB applications to ensure the surveyor chooses appropriate safety standards
  • Implemented AI-powered Intelligent search to ensure the best-matched results are provided to users reducing discrepancies and saving time during the business

Business Value

  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Improved the accuracy of the documents
  • Reduced the time for the surveyors takes to select the correct standards codes for each observation

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