Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact (TSI), a business unit within Microsoft Philanthropies, hosts a series of learning events for non-profit organizations. The event provides exposure to Microsoft solutions and how technology helps non-profit organizations be more productive, innovative and drive greater societal impact.

WinWire, a Microsoft Managed Partner focused on leveraging technology to drive greater impact, is invited by the TSI team to deliver a session on Application Modernization on Azure for non-profit organizations.

Session Details: Application Modernization on Azure for non-profits

In a world where there is an app for everything, strategic development, modernization of dynamic, engaging applications quickly become an integral part of an organization’s success. When faced with upgrading your applications, you run into a lot of questions – apps to build in the cloud, how to reduce technical debt, technologies to adopt, and so on.

Join Rohit Puri, Vice President – Cloud Platform, and Nidhish Dhru, Senior Director – Cloud Platform, of WinWire, for the insightful session on ‘Application Modernization on Azure.’ They will share their experience on modernizing applications, whether on-prem or in Azure, highlighting how to get the app inventory, map them to business objectives, and define a roadmap to modernize them.

Key takeaways

  • Learn what needs to be evaluated while you plan to Modernize your environments to the cloud
  • Key learning from our strategic engagements
  • Learn how to leverage the latest technologies to go beyond the cloud transition