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A global animal health and nutrition leader specializing in poultry, swine, cattle, and aquaculture products.

Business Challenge

  • Multi-Language Content Creation: The marketing department faced challenges in producing materials in multiple languages, a necessity for their global audience. This difficulty in creating diverse linguistic content was crucial for their international market presence and engagement.
  • Need for Centralized Information: The absence of a unified platform for product related information management made data retrieval and management cumbersome and inefficient. This lack of centralization was a significant barrier to maintaining streamlined operations.
  • Content Summarization for Business Communication: There was a growing need to distill complex business information into concise, impactful summaries. This was crucial for effective internal and external communication, especially in a fast-paced business environment where clarity and brevity are essential for stakeholder engagement and decision-making.
  • Content Generation: The company faced the challenge of continuously generating fresh, relevant, and engaging content. This was vital for maintaining a competitive edge in marketing and customer engagement. However, it demanded ongoing creativity, market research, and a deep understanding of evolving customer preferences.

In addition to these issues, the company grappled with:

  • Inefficient Document Retrieval: Accessing product related documents quickly was a significant issue. This inefficiency led to slow decision-making processes, impacting the organization’s overall agility.
  • Inaccurate Search Results: The team frequently encountered irrelevant or incorrect information. This hampered productivity and posed risks of misinformation, affecting critical business decisions.

These challenges affected day-to-day operations and threatened the company’s ability to stay competitive and responsive in a dynamic and evolving industry.

WinWire Solution

  • Simplification of Product Information Access through Generative AI: Implementing Generative AI to streamline access to extensive product data, improving efficiency in information retrieval, and enhancing decision-making processes by providing quick, AI-assisted insights.
  • AI-Driven Multi-Language Content Generation for Global Reach: Developing an advanced system capable of producing business content in multiple languages, effectively breaking language barriers and expanding global market outreach.
  • Advanced Features for User Engagement and Efficiency: Incorporating question-and-answer functionality, an immersive reading experience, and chat download capabilities to enhance user interaction and operational productivity.
  • Robust Data Security and Privacy with Azure AD Implementation: Strengthening data protection measures using Azure Active Directory, ensuring compliance with international data security standards, and safeguarding sensitive business information.
Animal Healthcare

Business Value

  • Simplification of Product Information Access through Generative AI
  • AI-Driven Multi-Language Content Generation for Global Reach
  • Advanced Features for User Engagement and Efficiency.
  • Robust Data Security and Privacy with Azure AD Implementation

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