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The customer is an American multinational computer software and creative giant incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in San Jose, California.  

Business Challenge

Cloud migrations are famously complex but migrating 15 petabytes of data built on the Hadoop MapReduce engine and Hive Queries (HQL) is intimidatingthe creative tech giant and was facing this challenge. With thousands of users, petabytes of data, and millions of monthly job executions, the customers’ on-premises data centers ran out of capacity.

The Hadoop MapReduce engine, and Hive Queries (HQL). Historically, Hadoop was widely adopted for its ability to manage a variety of data structures, process large data volumes, and accommodate varied data processing scenarios. But, over the years, it became a burden that generated:

  • High licensing costs
  • Complex infrastructure management
  • Limited support & a lack of updates for analytical tools integration and real-time processing
  • Issues with data security and governance
  • Limitations in customer modeling and scoring, used for predictions of the long-term financial value of customers & optimizing their marketing campaigns.

WinWire Solution

WinWire helped the customer start the move into Azure & modernize its infrastructure into an agile, insightful, cloud-based, and cost-effective environment and built them a Data Platform as a Service (DPaaS) for spend forecasting, tracking, and monitoring costs to drive cost optimization.

  • Demonstrated how the migration path can be shortened by half through Azure Databricks  
  • Created end-to-end assessment of the MapReduce code, Hive queries and designed a modern data pipeline based on adopting a Spark-based architecture with Azure Databricks
  • Migrated Hive HQL/MapReduce to Spark/Scala code based on design pattern analysis automation.
  • Leveraged WinWire’s Cloud Cost Optimization (WinCCO) to offer continuous monitoring while evaluating the cloud environment, reporting governance gaps, recommending remediation steps, and leveraging best practices.

Business Value

  • 50% Acceleration of the journey to the Azure cloud
  • 47% Slashed IT costs
  • $2-3M Saved annually on optimized cloud costs
  • 50% Time cut to acquire customer insights.
  • 30% Increased productivity for data scientists
  • 25% Acceleration of the time to market for new products.

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