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A faith-based, nonprofit, integrated health system with over 400 locations serving more than 80 communities on the West Coast and Hawaii

Business Challenge

The client started an important project to move 270 essential Tableau reports to Power BI, aiming to complete the transition within 12 months. The objective of this migration project was to leverage Power BI’s robust analytics and simple interface to enhance data availability and decision-making across the organization.

Key challenges

  • Complexity: Each Tableau report varied in complexity and translation and required a detailed analysis to ensure accurate functionality could be replicated in Power BI.
  • Data Security: Implementing row-level security in Power BI to match healthcare data’s stringent compliance and privacy standards.
  • User Adaptation: Transitioning users from Tableau to Power BI required training and support to adapt to the new system without disrupting daily operations.

WinWire Solution

Highlights of the Solution include:

  • Detailed Planning and Assessment- Every report was meticulously assessed to decide whether a direct conversion or a complete rebuild was necessary. The aim was to ensure each migrated report retained its functional integrity and performance in the new Power BI environment.
  • Utilization of Power BI Tools – Power BI’s advanced features were leveraged to improve the data visualization & interactivity of the reports. This use of Power BI’ss tools not only increased the reports’ visual appeal but also boosted its analytical potential.
  • Security Integration– Custom row-level security settings were applied to protect data quality and comply with strict healthcare rules. This step was essential to maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive healthcare data.

Business Value

  • Enhanced Data Processing Speed: Reports are now generated 50% faster, facilitating quicker decision-making.
  • Increased User Engagement: Power BI’s intuitive interface and enhanced capabilities increased user engagement by 30%.
  • Cost Efficiency: By consolidating various analytics tools into Power BI, the organization reduced its annual software costs by 20%.

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