Enterprise Return to Workplace




Microsoft 365, Azure Cloud, Azure AI


The customer is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need.

Business Challenge

The organization was looking for a solution that will enable their employees to return to the office amid COVID-19. They wanted to operate across locations responsibly and provide employees a safe return.

They wanted a solution that would enable their manufacturing and supply chain employees to return to work and continue work for their mission-critical drug that got emergency approval and conduct a self-screening process and provide guidance/reminders. They were envisioning a comprehensive cloud-based AI-driven solution, which is easy to maintain and must have:

  • Chatbot channels – Web-based and Teams to provide employees for self-screening.
  • Enable data collection, integration with HR, and security system, including reporting on trends to meet the global demand.
  • Provide an AI-based model to predict workforce availability across different functions and geo-locations.
  • Admin interface to manage the users and locations to enable/disable areas from self-screening access.
  • Regular notifications through emails on the entry tickets and quarantine reminders.

WinWire Solution

WinWire implemented and executed Return to Workplace solution to protect their workforce and return to the workplace confidently.

  • Utilized Microsoft’s Data and AI-based chatbot framework and customized it to suit the requirements of the customer.
  • Created custom scenarios based on the questions provided by the customer for the self-screening.
  • Infused Microsoft AI-powered intelligence to arrive at acceptance / rejection of return to work.
  • Provided the ability to manage the users and user roles through admin interface.
  • Provided the ability to enable/disable the locations from self screening.
  • Developed enhanced reports and dashboard for the employee screening information and predictive analytics.
  • Provided ability to include any government specific questions related to COVID-19 regulations based on the country.

Business Value

  • Interface that employees can use to generate an entrance ticket to work from office, track the quarantine period and send reminder emails so that employs can take re-screening.
  • Reduced manual intervention of screening using AI models to ensure safety.
  • Provide regular notifications/guidance to employees.
  • Enabled the customer’s manufacturing and supply chain employee return to work safely and allowed them to meet the demand of drug across the globe.

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