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Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams


The customer is the world’s leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests that helps to optimize cancer care.

Business Challenge

The clients’ work involves more than merely providing information. It inspires hope in patients, relatives, friends, doctors, and caregivers. The client required its employees and partners to communicate and collaborate before, during, and after the genome testing process. 

  • They collaborate with advocacy groups and researchers to transform cancer care. This calls for constant communication with these groups to generate new connections and insights into cancer cure
  • They have a strong partner network consisting of biopharma companies who participate in the journey from discovery to the launch of new drugs, with whom the internal teams are required to communicate constantly

With a strong dependency on communication and collaboration, they relied on Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft phasing out Skype for Business, the client wanted to consolidate their collaboration and communication tools in Microsoft Teams. 

The client was looking for a partner who would help them develop a roadmap for the transition. The partner needed to be very strong in Microsoft Technologies, with strong healthcare domain expertise. The partner should view the end results of communication and collaboration, during implementation and after, to ensure a smooth transition. 

WinWire Solution

  • WinWire performed an assessment of how the organization is currently using e-mail, Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication.
  • WinWire brought the right stakeholders together to define the upgrade plan in terms of scope, goals and timeline. The team also defined the appropriate Skype for Business and Teams upgrade and coexistence strategy.
  • WinWire’s engineers did a thorough analysis of the technical environment. To ensure the organizations readiness to move to Teams, they optimized network for real-time media scenarios.
  • A roadmap was prepared to define how to communicate, train and support users. A pilot version was implemented to confirm the organization’s readiness to migrate to Teams. During this, the team selected participants and test scenarios. They created the communications plan, conducted the pilot and used the learnings to go forward.
  • Teams was deployed in coexistence with Skype for Business.   WinWire helped through the transition by keeping its workforce constantly informed and excited about Teams.
  • During the last stage of upgradation, WinWire divided teams into groups and transitioned them completely to Teams and this continued till the entire organization had migrated to Microsoft Teams.

Business Value

  • Enhanced collaboration and productivity through a single platform
  • Improved operational excellence
  • Future ready platform ensuring seamless upgradation

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